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Follow The Copper Top

It's easy to find the Bubblebird Swanky Horsbox Bar, just follow the copper top! We can be found at many of the top street markets and festivals held across the UK and also attend venues throughout the year.

Halls, Parks & Palaces

The Bubblebird 'Complimentary Package' is where you can provide a complimentary drink for your guests.

  • Bar Hire Fee (non-refundable) £500.00
  • 1 x Barrel Of Glera Fizzante (150 glasses / 125ml)
  • Extra Glera Fizzante Barrels £450.00
  • The Bubblebird Premium Swanky Horse Box Bar
  • Secured Date
  • Temporary Events Notice (if required)
  • Min TWO Uniformed Trained Bar Staff
  • Disposable Champagne Flutes/Glasses
Typical minimum spend of £750.00, glassware hire (optional extra).

We were at an event recently and saw this bar and it was by far the best one there! It really is smart...5 stars all round...